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Inception of the Ethernest

In the beginning, the year 2014 to be exact, there was Reed Jones. And Reed Jones said, *’let there be a place for engineers to express their creativity and sense of beauty and wonder,a place to take learning beyond the classroom and into one’s own pursuits.’ Reed Jones appealed to the council of Elec Faculty gods for a sacred space from which to unleash his vision; of these, Benhaam Aazhang and Lin Zhong were sympathetic to the cause, and pledged to help young Reed on his quest.


The promised space was chosen from what was once a laser and ELEC 332 laboratory. Eager volunteers rallied around the cause and began to fill the space with posters of inventors and entrepreneurs, vinyl record players, inventions and trinkets, and memories. The small team, guided by Lin Zhong and Benhaam Aazhang had an epic opening party that brought at least a hundred people through the newly granted EtherNest space. The first year saw the introduction of many workshops, which got such rave reviews as “this changed the way I think about music” and “oh my God, I soldered it and it works!” The EtherNest continues to follow this vision of creativity and social exploration of electrical engineering, and will continue to write its epic story now and in the future. We hope you join our story.