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ethernestThe Ethernest is an old lab, located in Abercrombie A119, repurposed in 2014 to be a creative hackerspace for the self-motivated engineer to work on all types of engineering projects. It’s meant to be a space where students from all disciples can go beyond the theoretical, abstract content from their engineering courses and get their hands dirty by working on engineering projects that they direct themselves. It’s the perfect opportunity for students to practically apply the material they’ve learned in class–and realize all kinds of cool projects that they’ve always wanted to build and make.

The Ethernest has a variety of tools and utilities available for exactly this purpose. There areĀ soldering stations, a complete inventory of various electrical components (capacitors, resistors, switches, wire, etc.), a 3D printer, and a host of different microcontrollers. And if there’s anything you need that we don’t have, talk to us and we might be able to get it in the lab.